Mrs. Denice Poetzl

Greetings from 2nd grade!

We are working very hard to get ready for 3rd grade.  Children are being held accountable for getting their work done on time.  If students do not use time wisely during the day, they need to make sure things are finished for the next day.  Please make sure your child is reading and practicing Spelling words every night.  Being that we are now using cursive, students need to practice writing the words rather than just spelling them out loud.  Students also need to be practicing Math facts.  They need to be able to correctly complete 25 facts correctly in one minute by the end of March.  We have talked about how students need to be practicing at home.  Play War with a deck of cards or shake dice to practice adding/subtracting numbers.  The point is... kids need to be practicing their facts.  Make sure you are signing his/her assignment book each night when homework is completed.  I am working on having each child take responsibility for asking parents to sign the book.  It's surprising how many parents get blamed for not signing it.  I then ask if the child actually ASKED the parent to sign it, to which I usually hear how it is the parents' fault it's not signed.

The students are busy earning AR points for the Spring Party.  They need to get 20 points between the end of January and towards the end of May.  I don't remember the exact date points are due.  For the most part, the books they read at night are worth 1/2 point.  Ask your child questions about their book when he/she is finished reading.  Also ask comprehension questions (main idea, problem, cause/effect, retelling, inferences, etc).  All students need to practice these skills.   

We will have an afternoon milk break each day.  Your child is welcome to bring in something to enjoy with his/her milk.  We do not provide snacks. If you send something, please send something healthy.  I understand a cookie every once in a while is OK, but do your best to help your child learn about healthy snacks.  Do not send candy for a snack.  Your child will not be allowed to have that.  If you ever want to send in a snack for the class, feel free.  We have 14 students.  We also have a peanut allergy in our room so please keep that in mind.  This is also the time we would celebrate birthdays in our class.

If there is extra time or you are looking for more to do, practice math facts (adding and subtracting), play a game, take a walk and talk with you child, cook a meal or snack, volunteer in your community.  Make your interactions fun and educational.  Not only are you helping your child, you are making great memories!

Please watch the weather so your child is dressed appropriately for recess.  I realize we have been having some very crazy weather lately, but children are coming to school without needed items.  Although some did have boots, snowpants, etc last week, many children did not have snowpants.  I was outside for recess duty last week and Wednesday-Friday were quite cold!.  Ultimately it is their responsibility, but gentle reminders are helpful.

If you have any questions or concerns during the year, please contact me by phone, email, or stop in.  I usually check my email throughout  the day and will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.  

Here's to warmer weather heading our way soon!

Mrs. Poetzl's Kindergarten