Parents:  Please remember that due to the number of snowdays we have had this winter, SCHOOL WILL BE HELD ON MONDAY APRIL 17th.

The 2017 Elementary School Enrichment Fair is Thursday April 20th.  It begins at
2 p.m. and runs to 3 p.m.  We take a break and start again at 3:45 p.m. and conclude at 5:30 p.m.
The Spring Book Fair will be running during the Enrichment Fair as well. 


Thank you for being patient while we work on getting used to the Parent Drop-Off and Pick-Up routine on the backside of school.  Please remember to use Door "N" if you are parking your vehicle, there are now 16 available parking stalls for parents to park and bring children into the building.  This way no students or parents have to cross traffic with vehicles dropping off or picking up students. This goes for picking up students at the end of the day as well.  Please come into the building through Door "N", meet your child and escort them to your parked vehicle through Door "N".
Thank you.

Mr. Batchelor  


Contact: Mr. Batchelor